Social enterprises are businesses that have a social or environmental purpose. This means that they reinvest any surpluses they make back into the business in order to deliver more of their social or environmental purpose. Another key thing about a social enterprise is that it is still a business and it needs to generate profits and be sustainable. – Make an Impact

We give away our profits 😇

Well, some of it anyway. More than half. We want to do good. We want to make a difference. We still get a wage and invest in the company and pay all the overheads and all the other stuff but we make sure 50%+ of the profit goes to either an environmental or animal welfare project.

twinkle the pony

Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary

With every order you place, we give a contribution to Tower Hill Stables Sanctuary. It keeps Twinkle, the blind pony, and all her 600+ friends happy and safe living a life with dignity.

peruvian rainforest

Planting Trees in the Amazon

We also plant a tree for each order placed. Our tree planting partner is Ecologi.  Ecologi's projects include protecting part of the Amazon in Peru.  The project funds the protection of 98,932 hectares of the rainforest. Protection of this area will prevent 659,793 tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere each year.


You vote on the 3rd project each month

Each month we'll put forward 3 nominations and you vote to say which one to choose. Use the hashtag #LOSTDODOVOTE and name your choice. See Instagram and Snapchat for the options that months.

“We make sure 50%+ of the profit goes to either an environmental or animal welfare project.”

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